https://www.manysmart-t-cell.com/custom_124321.html 2. Customized γ9δ2 T Cell Culturing Service. 2. Customized γ9δ2 T Cell Culturing Service. To have a large quantity of γ9δ2 T cells for research ? 1. You can purchase our γ9δ2 T Cell Culture medium (MS-92 Medium) and then expand them from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) by yourself. 2. Or we can culture these γ9δ2 T cells for you according to your requested number of cells. For this service, you just need to give us your healthy PBMC, and 14-21 days later, you will receive γ9δ2 T cells > 10^8 cells. 你需要大量的γ9δ2 T細胞用於研究嗎? 1. 您可以購買我們的γ9δ2 T細胞培養基(MS-92培養基),然後使用周邊血單核細胞(PBMC)來擴增取得。2. 或者我們可以根據您要求的細胞數量為您培養這些γ9δ2 T細胞。如果您使用這項服務,您只需要給我們您的健康的PBMC;14-21天後,您將收到γ9δ2 T細胞 >10^8個細胞。
https://www.manysmart-t-cell.com/custom_124322.html 3. Customized Cell Genetic Engineering Service. 3. Customized Cell Genetic Engineering Service. We provide a service to genetically modify your γ9δ2 T cells or cell lines to express specific genes, such as Raji cells express GFP and Luciferase for in vivo animal studies. 我們提供基因改造服務 我們可以改造您的 γ9δ2 T cells或細胞株以表達特定的基因,例如:改造Raji cells以表達GFP和螢光素酶以用於活體動物研究。
https://www.manysmart-t-cell.com/custom_124323.html 4. Antibody Verification Service 4. Antibody Verification Service With Blinatumomab, an anti-CD19/CD3 T Cell-Engaging Bispecific Antibody (TCEBA), approval in 2018 and the European Commission approval of Mosunetuzumab, an anti-CD20/CD3 TCEBA, in 2022, TCEBA has become a focus of antibody industry. However, whether an antibody is a good candidate for using to generate TCEBA is determined by several factors. For instance, epitope distance to the target cell membrane and antigen size determine the potency of T cell-mediated lysis by TCEBA specific for a large surface antigen. Therefore, we provide a service to help customs to determine whether their antibodies could be a potential TCEBA. If you are interested in this service, please contact us. Blinatumomab與 Mosunetuzumab這二種雙特異性T細胞銜接抗體 (T Cell-Engaging Bispecific Antibody)分別在2018和2022年獲得核准上市,使得雙特異性T細胞銜接抗體已是國際大藥廠和抗體產業的產品重心。但是,雙特異性T細胞銜接抗體的效能受到多種因子的影響;例如:抗體結合在抗原上的位置與標的細胞的細胞膜的距離是影響雙特異性T細胞銜接抗體效能的主要因素。 因此,我們提供一個服務來協助客戶判斷客戶手中的抗體是否適合發展成雙特異性T細胞銜接抗體。如果你對此服務有需求,請與我們聯繫。
https://www.manysmart-t-cell.com/custom_122615.html Services Services 1. γ9δ2 T Cell Culture medium (MS-92 Medium)2. Customized γ9δ2 T Cell Culturing Service. 3. Customized Cell Genetic Engineering Service.4. Antibody Verification Service 5. T 細胞療法諮詢服務To find further information or inquiry, please contact us via contact@manysmart-t-cell.com
https://www.manysmart-t-cell.com/custom_122116.html Our Science Our Science Our Science Cancer cells like bacteria and viruses, keep multiplying and mutating. Mutations result in therapy resistance. Treating bacterial infections is a successful experience for human beings. Hence, we propose to treat cancers powerfully with broad-spectrum T cell agents in the very beginning as we treat bacterial infection. To avoid side effects, we use therapeutic proteins and cells with a short half-life. Publications
https://www.manysmart-t-cell.com/custom_97810.html haCD16-POTE for Cancer haCD16-POTE for Cancer To find further information, please mail to contact@manysmart-t-cell.com
https://www.manysmart-t-cell.com/custom_82615.html MOST Cell Therapy Platform MOST Cell Therapy Platform To find further information, please mail to contact@manysmart-t-cell.com
https://www.manysmart-t-cell.com/custom_115986.html haCD16-POTE for Virus diseases haCD16-POTE for Virus diseases To find further information, please mail to contact@manysmart-t-cell.com